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YBF: What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

 With nothing-to-lose, 20-something entrepreneurs are becoming renowned for their drive and innovation. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time were young and driven:

• Founders of Google: Sergey Brin (25) and Larry Page (25)
• Founders of Apple: Steve Jobs (21) and Steve Wozniak (26)
• Founders of Microsoft: Bill Gates (20) and Paul Allen (22)
• Founder of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg (20)
• Founder of Wal-Mart: Sam Walton (26)

So what are Brisbane young entrepreneurs doing? What is their inspiration, challenge and success?

Join us as we hear some inspiring stories from local young entrepreneurs who have successfully made their mark on the Australian landscape. Come and hear their story, the mindset needed, the drive and the time needed for their success.

Our guest panellists were ALL finalists in recent young entrepreneur awards:

Zachary Rook - Managing Director, Your Local Movers
Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Finalist 2012

At 19 Zachary Rook started Your Local Movers with only a $3,000 loan from a family member. Utilising his knowledge of the internet and a hospitality approach in a worn out industry, he grew the business quickly and it has thrived with up to 125% year on year growth annually.

Brett Wiskar - Director, Speedwell eBusiness Solutions
Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Finalist 2011 and 2012

Brett is a young entreprenuer focussed on Brisbane’s burgeoning digital industry. Since 2006, Brett has been one of two partners in Speedwell’s Business Solutions - Queensland's largest independent digital agency. In this time, he has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in digital marketing, design, user experience, advertising, branding and reputation management to Brisbane brands. 

Andrew Barnes - Co-Founder and Director, Go1
2012 AIM Young Manager of the Year - Brisbane
Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Finalist 2012

Andrew combines a passion for technology and business. He serves on the board of two not for profit companies and is a co-founder and director of GO1, a digital solutions company. GO1 employs 40 staff across offices in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Brisbane and Sydney.

and moderated by:
Quynh Anh Le - Finance Director, NOJA Power
Brisbane Young Entrepreneur 2011

Quynh Anh Le co-founded NOJA Power more than a decade ago with three other partners, Neil O’Sullivan, Oleg Samarski and Jay Manne to research, develop, manufacture and export globally high voltage switchgear. NOJA Power is a proudly 100% Queensland owned company, with the name (NOJA) deriving from the first Christian name of the four original founders.