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Digital Apllications Trade Mission - March 2010

‘No more looking for the lost remote control…’

Say goodbye to remote controls.  Imagine signalling your TV with your hand to increase the volume, change channels, or halt a live program to take a phone call, and then with a hand gesture, resume the show?

Imagine standing in front of your TV and, without holding or wearing anything, start shadow boxing with a figure onscreen as your avatar, and an opponent that reacts to your every blow?

This is Israeli start-up, PrimeSense, which empowers consumer electronic devices, such as TVs, set-top boxes, living-room PCs and more with natural interaction capabilities.

PrimeSense was one of the amazing companies that the Chamber’s March trade mission to Israel visited.

The delegation was led by Deena Shiff, Group Managing Director, Telstra Business and comprised senior executives from Telstra, Optus, the National e-Health Transition Authority, Gilbert+Tobin, Church Resources, as well as from Israeli companies in Australia, NICE Systems and Checkpoint.

Spending an intense week in Israel focusing on digital applications and with a clear objective to do deals, the delegation met CEOs from a range of established and early stage Israeli companies all sharing one common element – innovation!

For example, Opgal manufactures heat sensing cameras that can be used to remotely monitor outbreaks of fires and, with GPS, send fire crews to the exact location. 

Or, Time to Know which improves teaching quality and engages students of different learning abilities in one class by providing interactive core curriculum and a digital teaching platform designed for one-to-one computing classrooms.

eWave MD offers world-class medical software solutions that provides web-based healthcare records for 1/3 of Israel’s population.

The delegates were intrigued with Sense of Fashion, a new website which aims to create an online home for independent fashion designers, trendsetters, fans and shoppers.

Remember when your address book sat next to the phone?  Nowadays, you have numerous contact lists for your mobile, email, Facebook, computer database, Skype…  Israeli company, Tjat, aggregates popular Web messaging services (such as Instant Messaging, Email and Social Networks) into one convenient Widget.

It is not a well-known fact that Israel has superior satellite technology.  SpaceCom operates a number of AMOS satellites that deliver a wide range of communications and broadcasting services around the world, including over 300 television channels.

Most interesting was the sheer number of young Israelis all pitching exciting digital applications that will change the way we work, play and live.

The delegation met over 50 companies in just 5 days and left Israel exhausted but elated with the potential for collaboration.

The digital world is in its infancy – yet the delegates caught a glimpse of what’s coming down the fibre optic pipeline… and Israel is a key player in this emerging market.

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