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Catriona Noble, Managing Director, McDonald's Australia, 30 March 2009

CEO Boardroom

Catriona Noble addressed a private boardroom lunch for 20 senior CEOs of our Sponsor and Gold Club companies on the topic of “McDonald’s – The Journey”. This event was generously hosted by Optus Business & TressCox Lawyers.

McDonalds is amongst the world’s top ten most recognisable brands.

It has managed to weather the storm of being accused of selling high fat, sugar & salt junk food, of exploiting animals, people and the environment, and of being the beachhead for American cultural imperialism… and emerged with a revitalised brand as a vendor of healthy food options, modern eating environments, and being climate change & Internet friendly. How did it manage this significant turnaround?

In 1971, McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Australia. Everyday, more than 1 million people visit McDonalds which employs more than 75,000 people in 780 restaurants Australiawide.

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