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Dr Speciosa Wandira, Former Vice President, Republic of Uganda, Director, The Hunger Project, 22 May 2009

CEO Boardroom

Dr Speciosa Wandira addressed a CEO Boardroom of 20 business leaders where she discussed “Leadership & Sustainability – The Big Picture”. This CEO Boardroom event was proudly partnered by Fairfax Media and Trust Company Limited.

The Chamber was honoured to host Dr Speciosa Wandira who is Uganda and USA based and on the global Board of Directors of The Hunger Project.

The Hunger Project is a global organisation using leadership, training and education to end hunger in the developing world, empowering local people to take effective, sustainable and strategic action.

Dr Wandira was the Vice President for Uganda - and at that time the highest ranking woman leader in all of Africa. She is a woman of enormous stature and is an extraordinary embodiment of African women's power and leadership.

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