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The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Deputy Prime Minister, 11 June 2009

Major Business Lunch

The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Deputy Prime Minister, was interviewed by David Speers, Political Editor for Sky News in front of 650 business executives at a Chamber Business Lunch generously sponsored by Message Stick and Microsoft and supported by American Express.

THE ECONOMY IS CHANGING.  Out of the current global financial and climate crises, Australia will need to emerge stronger, more competitive and sustainable. To do so, the skills and productivity of its workforce will need to lead the way.
WHAT SKILLS WILL OUR YOUNG PEOPLE NEED TO SUCCEED IN TOMORROW’S NEW ECONOMY?  How do we stimulate the shared public/private investment that matches the potential in our population and gives employers and individuals confidence in their future competitiveness?
Julia Gillard’s portfolios of Minister for Education, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, and Minister for Social Inclusion are all directly concerned with these outcomes. 

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Photography by Ingrid Shakenovsky []

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