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Professor Raphael Semiat, Director, Grand Water Research Institute, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel, 21 September 2009

Trade Event

Professor Raphael Semiat addressed a Boardroom lunch for 20 academic leaders, policy makers and business executives where he discussed “Energy Challenges in Desalination” based on Israel’s experience. This event was proudly hosted by University of Technology Sydney and supported by Technion Society of Australia.

Australia and Israel share many similar challenges in relation to water shortages and management, wastewater treatment and building sustainable agricultural.

DESALINATION has emerged as Israel’s strategic, sustainable and economically viable solution for the ever increasing demand for water – a constantly diminishing natural resource. Israel operates 32 desalination plants, including the largest of its kind in the world. It is anticipated that by 2010, 20% of Israel’s consumed water, will be the product of desalination.

Australia is now building its own desalination capabilities. Yet, managing the associated demand for energy poses its own challenges, especially as we enter a low-carbon economy.

Professor Raphael Semiat, who is a world expert in separation processes, is Director of the Grand Water Research Institute and Head of Rabin Desalination Laboratory at the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel and visited Australia to share his experiences and establish collaborative opportunities.

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