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The Hon. Steve Whan MP, Minister for Small Business, NSW, 18 November 2009

Executive Boardroom

The Hon Steve Whan MP addressed an Executive boardroom lunch for 25 senior business executives. This boardroom event was proudly hosted by Thomson Playford Cutlers.

Small business is the backbone of the NSW economy, employing more than a million people, contributing to the diversity and flexibility of our communities, creating jobs and expanding export markets.

However, in this global financial downturn, that backbone is under significant stress.

Steve Whan, as Minister for Small Business, is tasked with ensuring that Industry & Investment NSW supports the energy and drive of NSW small businesses by promoting a healthy business climate, attracting business investment and encouraging innovation.  This includes taking the first step on the road to export or making the next move to becoming a world leading enterprise.

The NSW government is committed to improving the opportunities for success for today’s small businesses.

Steve was elected to Parliament in the regional seat of Monaro in 2003 and is also Minister for Emergency Services and Minister for Rural Affairs.

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