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Kim Schmidt, Director of Human Resources, Woolworths Limited, 29 April 2010

HR Boardroom

Kim Schmidt addressed a HR Boardroom of 20 senior HR executives where she discussed “ Building HR Capability to Partner Business into the Future”. This event was proudly hosted by Hudson.

An organisation’s HR capability is not just a nice-to-have but rather integral to its success – especially planning for the future. But to be effective, the HR department needs to work closely with the business units.

As the Director of Human Resources for Woolworths Limited, Kim leads a team of HR professionals working in close partnership with the business to effectively manage 191,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Kim has spent over 20 years working in retail Human Resources specialising in organisational development and change management.

Kim has a passion for working with business to engage and develop its people and at Woolworths she has been instrumental in the development of Personal Leadership Programs, Mentoring Programs, Employee Engagement and Retention initiatives and Leadership Development programs for senior managers in partnership with the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Kim has been a key driver of the Women in Management Committee at Woolworths which has led to the delivery of flexible working principles, parental leave kits, mentoring programs, implementation of paid maternity leave and job share initiatives.

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