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Paul Howes, National Secretary, Australian Workers' Union, 6 August 2010

CEO Boardroom

Paul Howes addressed a boardroom lunch of 40 senior executives where he discussed “Building the New Frontier – why we need a real export-oriented city for the Pilbara servicing the resource sector”. This event was proudly hosted by Clayton Utz.

Australia has a central concern – we can’t supply the trained / skilled workers that our booming resource sector needs. Key experts point to the unattractive, under-resourced facilities and infrastructure which do not allow families to put down roots in the region and build a real, lively and vibrant community.

Paul Howes is the National Secretary of the Australian Workers' Union which now has around 135,000 members across Australia and over 200 staff. Established 123 years ago, the AWU is the country's oldest and most diverse union, with 45 offices across non-metropolitan Australia.

Paul serves on a number of Boards including as a director of the nation's largest superannuation fund, AustralianSuper, and in 2008 was elected as Vice President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Paul argues that Australia needs to adopt a big vision infrastructure project (ie build a new city) to support Australians eager to make the desert bloom – and build a family life and livelihoods on the Indian Ocean coast working for resource-industry associated employers.

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