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Andrew Forrest, Chief Executive Officer, Fortescue Metals Group, 21 September 2010

Business Lunch

Andrew Forrest addressed a business lunch of 600 business executives in discussion with Ross Greenwood, Business & Finance Editor, Nine Network. This event was proudly partnered by ANZ and Siemens.

THE RESOURCES SECTOR is never far from the front page given the vital importance of the mining industry to the Australian economy, the rise of resource-hungry China, the recent controversy of the Mineral Resources Rent Tax ...

AND AT THE CENTRE of the front page is one of Australia’s most successful and colourful mining entrepreneurs, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, who has created two major Australian resource houses from scratch, now major suppliers of nickel, cobalt and iron ore to the world’s steel industries.

ANDREW OWNS 31% of Fortescue Metals, the country's third-biggest iron ore exporter which he formed in 2003, and which is one of the world's largest producers and sea-borne traders of iron ore.

PREVIOUS ROLES held by Andrew include Director of Australia’s Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, the Western Australian Chamber of Minerals and Energy and Chairman of Athletics Australia. He currently serves as Chairman of Poseidon Nickel Ltd and founder of The Australian Children’s Trust and the Australian Employment Covenant. His awards include President of Athletics Australia and W.A.Citizen of the Year and other numerous awards. Andrew is a passionate Australian philantropost who devotes much of his life and fortune to helping others.

Andrew has recently accused the Gillard government of threatening billions in future investment claiming that the government's planned tax on mining profits would create a $100 billion tax shelter for the "big three" miners and was a regressive tax that did not help small miners.

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