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Hugh Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer, Telstra Corporation, 6 June 2011


Hugh Bradlow addressed a private boardroom event for 20 senior IT business executives where he discussed “The potentially disruptive impact of ICT technologies on the economy”.
This CIO Boardroom lunch was proudly sponsored by Message Stick Group and Microsoft.

Hugh Bradlow is Chief Technology Officer and Head of Innovation for Telstra. He is responsible for investigating future technologies and how they will impact Telstra’s business, as well as developing how new technologies can be used to create innovative new services.

Hugh is an engaging and highly sought after speaker. He is at the forefront of all things new in the information and communications space. Hugh will provide us with a unique perspective of the reliance of our most critical sectors, including health, education and transport, on technologies of tomorrow.

Prior to joining Telstra in September 1995, Professor Bradlow was Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Wollongong in Australia and Professor of Electrical Engineering (Digital Systems) at the University of Cape Town. Hugh was listed in the 2010 Global Telecom Business Power 100 rankings (at number 32) and was named by Smart Company as one of the 12 most influential people in Australian ICT.

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