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Cameron Clyne, Group Chief Executive Officer, NAB, 1st August 2013

Cameron Clyne addressed 260 attendees on the topic of the world economy continuing to struggle since the tumultuous times of the Global Financial Crisis, the Australian banking system has been steadfast. Cameron Clyne became Group Chief Executive Officer of National Australia Bank (NAB) in January 2009 and embarked on differentiating the bank from its competitors.

Cameron has always believed in taking a long-term approach, based on re-building trust with customers and key stakeholders. Cameron imparted his experiences on NAB’s agenda of improving reputation along with developing trust and building stronger personal and business relationships in a competitive market.

Cameron joined the NAB Group in 2004, working as Executive General Manager, Group Development and Executive General Manager, Customer Solutions before being appointed Managing Director and CEO of BNZ in January, 2007.

He became Group Chief Executive Officer of National Australia Bank and a Director of the NAB Board in January 2009. In May 2012 he was appointed Chairman of National Australia Group Europe Limited Board. He is also a member of the Australian B20, a key business advisory group for the Federal Government ahead of Australia hosting the G20 Leaders’ Summit in November 2014.


The need for comprehensive tax reform ranks as one of Australia's most critical challenges. Without it, Australians face materially worse living standards, lower incomes and poorer government services. The stakes are that high.

PwC is launching what they consider to be a landmark publication 'Protecting prosperity: Why we need to talk about tax'. It is the culmination of many months spent in dialogue and debate, not only with CEOs, CFO's and chairmen but importantly, union and charity representatives as well.

PwC's paper presents a clear case why we need to talk about tax reform. Our modelling demonstrates how slower economic growth, increased global competition, our ageing population, and stalling productivity gains will, if left unattended, combine to produce levels of government debt that threaten to undermine our prosperity.

Please find PwC's report on "Protecting Prosperity; why we need to talk about tax" for your information.

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