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The HubStudio - Soft Skills Workshop, 3 March 2015


This AICC first offered members an exclusive opportunity to work with The HubStudio and a number of Australia’s most experienced acting coaches to enhance personal soft skills in an informal and engaging practical seminar. This event was proudly hosted by Pitcher Partners.

Many thanks to Oliver Wenn , Natalie Rees and their cast of professionals.

Effective workplace communication is fundamental to an innovative and successful business culture. A connected, involved workforce outperforms those that aren’t.

If culture is king, then effective communication is the key. The HubStudio, Sydney’s premier professional actor training institution, guided us through specific techniques for greater workplace vitality. Communication and presentation techniques were core to this session, giving everyone the skills to be more engaged, confident, grounded, and unafraid.

This introductory seminar, hosted by our event sponsor Pitcher Partners,   was a fantastic opportunity for:

•    those looking to learn the techniques behind effective workplace communication
•    young professionals looking to make an impact
•    senior executives looking to better connect with customers, and
•    business owners and HR managers looking to evolve a more connected and effective workplace culture.

Proud Event Partner:

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