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Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water, Business Lunch, 5 August 2008

Major Business Lunch

Senator Penny Wong addressed a major business lunch in front of 850 business executives at the Westin Sydney on the Rudd Government’s Green Paper on Emissions Trading. The discussion was moderated by Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National.

Senator Penny Wong’s first general business address in Sydney following the release of the Government’s Green Paper on emissions trading on 16 July could not come at a more crucial time as issues concerning the Emissions Trading Scheme, Garnaut Report, Murray Darling crisis, water trading, high oil prices and climate change policies in general, dominate the business community.

The Emissions Trading Scheme will provide the most important challenges and opportunities for business this decade and the next.

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 Financial Standard, "Climate change opportunities, not just costs", 6 August 2008, please click here.

 Photography by Ingrid Shakenovsky []


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