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Bill Morrow, CEO, nbn

September 9, 2016

Key Insights 

Established in 2009, nbn co limited’s (nbn) primary role is to enable Australia’s greater participation in the digital economy and help bridge the digital divide. Bill Morrow joined nbn as CEO in April, 2014, with a remit to ensure all homes, businesses and communities across Australia can have access to high speed broadband as soon as possible, at affordable prices and at least cost to taxpayers.

Mr Morrow spoke of the opportunities that the nbn provides to Australia’s young and old, from the city to the country – as well as how it will better position the nation digitally on a global scale.

The five key insights captured from the event were:

Progress takes time, but efforts are paying off. Nearly two thirds of Australian premises are currently in design or construction phase for nbn availability - or now able to order the nbn service, with 3 million homes now having access (twice as many as last year) and more than 1 million are connected. This indicates that the roll-out will nearly be halfway finished by June 2017 and three quarters by June 2018. By 2020, the network will be completed and 8 million homes connected.

Our need for speed will get a boost. Australians will have access to 25 Mbps and nearly 70% will have 100 Mbps or more. Even more so, 40% will get access to Gbps speeds. This availability hugely impacts our social connectedness and broader interconnectivity. The advantage to transform business, economy and communities with these high speed deliveries will mean a fully and faster connected Australia.

Australia is big and comparisons draw poor conclusions. A universal broadband roll-out like nbn has never attempted on the same scale. Being a very unique project means that enormous commitment is required. Comparing this to that of Singapore’s broadband efforts – with a much smaller Sq. km to cover and a contrasting population density, don’t equate. Google Fibre in the US and the UK announcing its 10 Mbps opportunity are big city initiatives that don’t come close to offering the same levels of service delivery.

Innovation is uncapped with the connectedness that nbn brings. The commercialisation of revolutionary ideas that come about from access to better internet and broader technology reach are plentiful. Local digital demand won’t hinder Australian businesses from exploring opportunities and innovation growth. This connectivity will reduce the barriers for our entrepreneurs – as they will be able to experience an expanded digital marketplace that will also allow for better global scale. The nbn will allow the country’s remotest regions to experience and develop an innovative culture, with the tools to participate and grow with digital technology opportunities.

Businesses will realise a better future for growing reach. The nbn can be a catalyst for your business, not the competition. Businesses can more largely explore what additional services can be digitised, expand presence and enable greater market influence. Australia’s SME sector is the fastest growing employment division in Australia, with 23,000 new business starting each year. Having better digital infrastructure will provide advanced connectivity and a competitive edge, which is imperative to growing in today’s economy.

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Bill Morrow's highlights video link

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