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A Business Lunch with Warren Hogan, Chief Economist, ANZ

Warren Hogan is ANZs Chief Economist and is responsible for ANZs Economics and Global Markets Research. Warren is responsible for ensuring a globally coordinated research effort that provides a single ANZ View for key internal stakeholders and customer segments.

Warren has extensive financial experience, having worked as an economist and strategist with Australian and international banks for nearly two decades. Warren has been at ANZ since 2005, and has since run the Global Markets Research team and the Australian Economics team. He was appointed Chief Economist in 2010. Warrens research focuses on global macroeconomics, monetary economics, and financial markets. Warren is on the Leadership team for ANZs Global Markets and Loans business. He is also the Secretary of the Australian Business Economists (ABE) as well as a member of ANZs Regional Investment Committee.


Photography by Gainsborough Studio - Adelaide

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