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A Business Luncheon with Sidney Amster, Co-Founder of Good Company Ventures

Sidney E. Amster was a serial entrepreneur but now an angel investor, with an emphasis on social impact opportunities. A mentor to young entrepreneurs, he has also taught at four universities entrepreneurial finance and an entrepreneur’s practicum. He has also lectured on the creation of both incubators and accelerators and how these can be funded.

Sid is a co-founder and former Board Member of Good Company Ventures, the first East-Coast incubator designed to provide assistance to early emerging companies that are designed to have a social impact ( He is also co-founder of the local Investors Circle Angel Chapter in Philadelphia which has become the model for numerous additional local investment chapters in the USA. He has worked with and helped angel funds at Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and for Murex, a very early social impact Fund. 

Sidney is a board or advisor member for numerous start-ups as well as for non-profit organizations. He is a Board Member and past vice president of the PICC, which is an association with interest in trade with Israel. He has been on the board of the interfaith council of Southern New Jersey and has served as an Environmental commissioner in Cherry Hill. He is also active in the alumni association of the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, where he obtained his MBA in Operations Research in 1982 after earlier receiving his M.Sc. in Forest Statistics. Mr. Amster has also been involved in developing a community –based computer center for allowing senior citizens to communicate with family across the world as well as providing remote educational services to K-6 children.

Photography by Gainsborough Studio Adelaide

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