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The Importance of Understanding Cyber Security and Your Business

A Business Luncheon with

Stuart Mort

Director of Cyber Security, Optus Business

Stuart joined Optus Business in March 2016 to work across all Strategic Accounts as a trusted advisor and thought leader on Cyber Security; helping to identify gaps within security strategies in order to effectively address the risks within complex enterprise environments. Stuart brings over 20 years of Security experience to our Strategic Account customers.

Prior to joining Optus, Stuart was Oracle’s Vice President of Information Security for 12 years, heading teams across all regions in a Global CISO role. This Information Security team is a fully independent Line of Business (not a sub-set of an IT or other technology team) and reported to President level and then through to the Chair of the Board enabling full cross-corporate oversight.

Stuart developed Oracle’s Information Security strategies, focusing on a risk-based approach to enable an effective security spend, with Governance directly from the CEO. He also built and led the Global Mergers & Acquisition security team and the Global Investigations & Forensics group. These were, respectively, involved in the due-diligence process of selecting and then integrating both small and large acquisitions, and the cross-corporate investigation of compliance and cyber issues, including all eDiscovery obligations. This experience ensured Stuart has a unique understanding of leading information security across multiple cultures and a highly complex technology infrastructure containing sensitive intellectual property, personal information and cloud infrastructure hosting customer owned data across a variety of industries, including finance, health and retail.

Stuart started his career within the British Government, being specifically selected and then passing through the requirements to join and then lead a Special Duties operational group that deployed worldwide to aid Defence Policy requirements. Moving into the private sector, he built and managed an Information Security & Investigations consultancy within an established global security company servicing all industry sectors.

Stuart is a full member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals and holds a Master of Laws, and has operated as a Registered Expert Witness in a variety of cases provisioning evidence in a Court of Law. 


Photography by Gainsborough Studio - Adelaide

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